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Giving voice to a billion people

Speech recognition in Hindi, English and all major Indian languages. APIs and SDKs available for integration.

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Speech Recognition

Liv.ai speech API enables developers to convert speech-to-text by using Powerful Neural Network Models with exceptional accuracy and minimal latency. The API recognizes 9 major Indian Languages - English, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. Our system works with most accents and performs remarkably well in noisy environments.

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Our other technologies

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Speech Synthesis

Convert text to speech in real time to get human like output using advanced deep learning technology. Build speech enabled-applications that talk. Simply send the text to convert to speech and get the output immediately.

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Language Understanding

Make devices & applications voice interactive with our NLU capability. Search for services/products, control your devices, build super responsive customer care and do more with your voice.

Some of the ways our tech has been used so far

Voice keyboard

Turn speech in Indian Languages to text with advanced precision. No more typing!


Set reminders, get relevant answers, search audio and do more in the language you are comfortable with.

Customer care automation

Increase speed and improve the quality of service by automating a range of tasks and enhancing customer experience.

Speech analytics

Analyse unstructured data from customer interactions to gain rare insights and take appropriate action.

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